Reliving Tombolo Genesis 2015: the project brief

The project is developed in the sea as a series of floating structures in the Tombolo cluster between the island of Espalmador and Formentera. The proposal focuses on the observation of natural phenomena and architecture’s role in enhancing perceptual experience. The aim of the project is to create a journey through the interventions in the seascape that will alter the visual perception of the landscape and allow the visitor to experience it in an unordinary way.

The project should be viewed as a machine for looking and as a place for contemplation in time. A place in which the visitor will have the chance to think about the beauty and the importance of the elements that construct our environment. For this reason the project has been developed according to the seven days of creation written in the bible. Each day is represented by a different structure which makes  a poetic reference to the elements that have constructed our world: the light, the water, the land, the stars, the animals and the garden of Eden.

Day 1: the light

Day 2: the water

Day 3: the land

Day 4: the stars

Day 5: the sea creatures and the birds

Day 6: man and the garden of eden

The system of these structures, rooms, pools and towers is developed and woven around an open-air matrix. The matric gets altered through time depending on the weather conditions and seasons. During winter the structures connect to one another creating a linear bridge structure, while during summer they disperse in the seascape allowing the visitor to take a journey through the floating spaces.


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