“Lurk”, Short Film, Filmschool, 2019

Lurk: be or remain hidden so as to wait in ambush for someone or something. The movie is an effort to express a moment in which five characters are existing in a balance between nothingness, themselves and their personal desires, and the moment in which those desires become evident and reveal themselves. Lurk is a... Continue Reading →

“Enypnio”, Short Film, Filmschool, 2018

Enypnio: the thoughts, images or emotions that occur during a state of dreaming or daydreaming. Enypnio is a short film directed by myself as part of the Filmschool Seminars course in Athens (http://filmschool.gr/). The short film is a reinterpretation of a scene from the movie Fightclub but given a completely different meaning and atmosphere.  ... Continue Reading →

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