Performing Arts Center, Waterloo, London

The building is a performing arts centre providing education to the fields of music, dance and drama. For all of the above fields daily workshops and classes will be provided. Special attention will be given in creating a friendly environment that will not only help people evolve their personal talent and interest, but that will... Continue Reading →

Flight Simulator Museum

In an airfield the world seems to drop away from you.  Now, the land is just one line, and the sky is everything that surround us. The distances are blur and the understanding of the location of all the different elements that surround you ( i.e. buildings) seems difficult. The only thing that is overwhelming,... Continue Reading →

Form finding through paintings

The birth of my idea initiated from the fact that Tullio Crali used different axis and triangles  in order to form his painting. I tried to capture those geometrical shapes and begin something more abstract from that.  So all the triangles and lines drawn  in these sketches are taken from the painting. In these 2D... Continue Reading →

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